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June 20, 2012 7:32 pm

San Francisco

Not enough sleep, much waiting around, and long car rides.

EDIT: Time for a longer version!

Day 1. My family embarked on our trip Sunday night at probably around 11pm. I drank a lot of corn soup beforehand (by a few hours ago), so I knew I would have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the car ride. After an hour and a half or so… I had to go. Isn’t that great? I am so aware of my bodily functions. I can just predict everything for myself. I held it for a while until the car needed gas. We eventually stopped in the middle of nowhere for my much needed bathroom break and fuel. The air was humid and smelled like chicken poop. This was probably at around 2am or so. We continued the long drive and instead of sleeping like a normal person, I decided to read another fanfic story. I was too hooked! Plus, it’s not like I could really fall asleep in the car. It just isn’t in my nature to fall asleep so easily. The best I could do is close my eyes and drift slightly out of consciousness temporarily. After another mini stop at around 4am at again, who knows where, we made it to the Oakland bridge at around 5:10am. How did I remember that so correctly? Because if we made it 11 minutes earlier, we could have paid two dollars less to pass! But whatever, we made it to my cousin’s place before 6am. Nothing to do, I continued reading. At this point, I was so glad to have brought my laptop with me because my cousin and her kids wouldn’t wake up until after 10am. At this point, after waiting for the hours to pass, we finally go somewhere.. without the people we were waiting for. How irritating.. waiting for nothing. We went to get lunch after visiting a relative, but at that point, I think I went without sleep for over 24 hours and I couldn’t handle it anymore. After sleeping in the car for like an hour or two, we got our room in an inn and headed back to my cousin’s place to do what? More waiting. I finished my fanfic at that point. I don’t know how many more hours went by before we all went out for dinner at the same restaurant we went out to for lunch. My cousin works at that restaurant, so that’s the reason why. We all went to downtown at around 10pm. How do I remember that time so ever clearly? 10pm is the time when all the shops closed. I actually would’ve enjoyed being able to shop in San Francisco. We walked around aimlessly for like 30 minutes before leaving, but the parking still charges the price for parking an hour. So not worth it. Had I known ahead of time it was like that, I would’ve stayed in downtown longer just to admire the architectures.

Day 2. I finally got rest for maybe 8 hours? We went to chinatown for lunch that day. There were so many hills.. reminded me of UCLA. I know, it doesn’t sound like I go to UCLA because my words and writing for this blog is so choppy and sometimes incoherent, but this is me with my stream of consciousness and not editing to perfection. Back onto the topic of San Francisco, I think we went to the Golden Gate Bridge after this. I loved how windy it was on the bridge. My parents didn’t want to go any further after we went like 1/3rd of the way across, so we went backwards. My hair was crazily flying everywhere. I probably looked like a freak, but I honestly didn’t even look at myself in the mirror carefully during my days in San Francisco. Back on topic again… we went to Lombard Street after we left the Golden Gate Bridge. It wasn’t exactly what I expected to see, but it was quite pretty. I wonder how the residents of that area feel though, with so many tourists going there all the time. For some reason, my cousin decided to lead the way to the Fisherman’s Wharf afterwards by foot, so we walked downhill all the way there. It felt like quite some distance really. Got In-n-Out when we reached near the shore because we were hungry at that point. Walked around a bit at the Fisherman’s Wharf and decided to head back uphill to the car. The thing was, we didn’t really memorized which street we parked on. We just decided to wander back in the general direction. It was basically all uphill and sadly mom got tired before we were even 1/4th back. At that point, I realized how UCLA has done me well with managing hills and mountains. My brother, cousin (not S.F. local one), and I found the way back with the strangest route ever while my dad helped my mom hold her bag and walked with her slowly back uphill. We ended the day eating at my cousin’s house. Her kids went crazy with us playing around for hours before we finally had to go back to our inn.

Day 3. Okay, this day was supposed to be for Hearst Castle, but plans changed last minute and we went to Pebble Beach. Pebble Beach was confusing.. to say the least. It wasn’t that worth it. I kinda wished we went to Hearst Castle instead because it looks so beautiful. Reminds me a bit of the Getty Villa and my Ancient Roman Arts and Archaeology class in college. But whatever.. the trip back consisted of a lot of dozing off. I had nothing else to read and the scenery was all yellow mountains. Then we were back home!